Muki shares PC Music-esque new track “Sassaparilla”

For all the lovers of Bubblegum pop, they will fall in love with the new track “Sassaparilla” by Aussie artist Muki. The future of pop is here!

Hitting our ears with a strong pop catchy vocals and electronic sounds, the song could be taken from Charli XCX‘ last album. The track is nothing but a fun take on our modern lives and we can’t wait to listen some more. About the track, Muki explained:

“​Sassaparilla” is about being unique, and giving oneself permission to not be another chain in the scene, but allowing yourself to express your individuality. I wrote it out of frustration. I would go to these social events and everyone would look the same, talk the same, and butt-lick each other. I was over it. When you take a sip of Sassaparilla it gives you the freedom to be who you want and say what you want… even if it is a bit sassy.

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