MUNYA wants to fight for something personal and real in “Some More”

MUNYA‘s new EP “Delmano” is out on Luminelle Recordings.

Josianne Boivin has recently released a new EP under her moniker MUNYA, unveiling the closing track “Some More” at the same time. The hazy pop track was born from a real-life conflict where she was confronted by her sister’s boyfriend about her (non-)situation. “He told me I was a loser because I had no apartment, no money, no husband, no children. It devasted me. I cried all night, and then I wrote this song,” she said.

No one is immune to life accidents and when it happens to you, you often need to ask yourself real and deep questions to move on. What is important for me? What do I want to fight for? Her vaguely depressed and multi-layered new song “Some More” is the incarnation of this process and sounds like a misty anthem dedicated to the people who did not succeed yet in their life.

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