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Magdalena Bay Story A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling

Magdalena Bay reflect on their career with “Story”

“Story” is taken from Magdalena Bay’s freshly released EP, A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling, out on Luminelle Recordings.

Lisel Specters Rabbit Rabbit Luminelle

Lisel shares apocalyptic double single “Specters / Rabbit Rabbit”

Lisel‘s new tracks, “Specters” and “Rabbit Rabbit,” are out on Luminelle Recordings. Pavo Pavo‘s Eliza Bagg has been blurring the

Magdalena Bay Airplane video

Mid-2010s nostalgia? Magdalena Bay make it happen with “Airplane”

“Airplane” is taken from Magdalena Bay‘s upcoming EP, A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling, due out March 13 on

Magdalena Bay How To Get Physical

Magdalena Bay burn calories on the dance floor with “How To Get Physical”

Magdalena Bay‘s new single, “How To Get Physical,” is out on Luminelle Recordings. Nothing can stop Los Angeles-based band Magdalena

Hana Vu Fighter video

Hana Vu shares striking animated video for “Fighter”

“Fighter” is taken from Hana Vu‘s double EP Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway, out on Luminelle Recordings. Last year, Hana

Magdalena Bay Oh Hell

Magdalena Bay finish the year on an atmospheric note with “Oh Hell”

Magdalena Bay‘s new single, “Oh Hell,” is out now on Luminelle. After making us dance and hum over the last

Magdalena Bay Killshot video

Magdalena Bay turn Valentine’s Day into Halloween with “Killshot”

Magdalena Bay‘s new single, “Killshot,” is out on Luminelle. If like us, you can recite Mean Girls by heart, then

Hana Vu Actress Outside by Sham Scott

Hana Vu surfs and shimmers on dreamy new single “Outside”

Los Angeles-based artist Hana Vu takes us on an electro-pop day trip to relationship purgatory with brand new single “Outside”.