Every gay guy can relate to Natti Vogel’s “Brown Rice” video

“Brown Rice” is taken from Natti Vogel‘s latest “Serving Body” EP.

Brooklyn-based artist Natti Vogel follows up on the video of his infectious single “I Don’t Want To Find The One” with new stunning visuals. On the “Brown Rice” video, the queer artist continues to question and explore our relation with the body by focusing on diet, sport, BDSM and chemsex. About the track and video, he explained to Billboard:

I just began to feel how much untapped emotional and psychic intensity there is behind body transformation. I’m coming from a place of having been a fat kid and our executive producer is coming from a place of having been a top male model. And yet a bunch of very different bodies seem to relate to this song, from my healthy fat friends to my thin friends who openly struggle with eating disorders. It makes me feel like I did something right.

The no filter Eamon Foley-directed video, which is both comic and dramatic, also features the actor Matt Wilkas who is notably famous for his kiss with his boyfriend Gus Kenworthy during the Winter Games. Watch Natti Vogel‘s new video below.

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