Newcomer of the week: WΛNNV


Every Monday, we highlight an artist that we believe in, a newcomer that has a lot of potential and that is about to shine in the coming weeks or months. Our newcomer of the week is WΛNNV, an electronic music producer from Sardinia in Italy. His first track, “Foolish”, is totally mesmerizing and might be tinged with regret or remorse.


WΛNNV comes from a word in the Sardinian dialect: “MANNU” means “grown up”, “adult” or even “big”. The artist, whose real name is Daniele, decided to stylize it by putting upside down the letters in order to make it look stranger. Indeed, WΛNNV sounds like a mature project and this can be explained by the career of the producer that has been mixing and producing music for 6 years already, under other nicknames (Daniel Half is probably the most famous one). By hearing his first track as WΛNNV, we are pretty convinced that the artist made the good choice by switching from dance music to this atmospheric electro-pop. Nevertheless, it is still too early to define his musical genre as we only have heard one track so far!

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“Foolish” can first sound like a very simple track but what is very interesting is the crescendo that is built throughout the song. First, your curiosity is unleashed by the melancholia of the synthetic strings and the crystalline teardrops. Then, the voice appears and hypnotizes you, with a simple sentence that is turned into a loop. Finally, there is a rise and a powerful drop that breed the dramatic side of the track. Despite what you could think, “Foolish” is not about a love story. This is a track that was only inspired by the spontaneity of the artist and that reflects more a general mood than a particular topic.

In parralel to his own productions, WΛNNV created his own electronic imprint Demimonde one year ago, when he was 26. If you want to know more about their releases, you should definitely check on their Beatport page.

The artist doesn’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account, but you can follow him on Soundcloud and purchase “Foolish” on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

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