Category: Newcomer of the week

Ascendant Vierge Influenceur

Ascendant Vierge, or when goth-pop meets gabber

Ascendant Vierge‘s debut track “Influenceur” is out now. Ascendant Vierge is a new transnational and trans-musical duo formed by Brussels-based

Couch Prints Tell U

Let Couch Prints’ synth pop track “Tell U” they’re a group to watch

Couch Prints demands a seat in the Brooklyn scene with track “Tell U”. These days, the Brooklyn scene can feel

Asia Church music

Let Belgian singer-songwriter Asia take you to “Church”

Belgian singer-songwriter Asia leans into sparseness and spirituality on “Church,” a superb track from her debut EP. Out now on

So Sensitive What's a girl to do

So Sensitive debut with feminist statement “What’s A Girl To Do?”

“What’s A Girl To Do?” is the first single from So Sensitive‘s upcoming debut album Bedroom Drama. So Sensitive is

Lisel Ciphers video

Pavo Pavo’s Eliza Bagg goes solo as Lisel with absorbing single “Ciphers”

“Ciphers” is taken from Lisel’s debut album to be released later this year on Luminelle. The moniker Lisel might not

Bibi Club La Plage Jean René

Bibi Club debut with hypnotic and lo-fi single “La Plage”

Montreal-based duo Bibi Club share debut single “La Plage”. As you might have noticed, Montreal is a promised land for

BRIGT Untitled Tenderly

BRIGT debuts with warm and vintage-friendly single “Untitled”

BRIGT‘s debut track “Untitled” is out now. Hailing from Oslo, 20-year-old newcomer Brigt writes, records and produces all his music


Eugenia Post Meridiem debut with gorgeous and poignant single “Low Tide”

Eugenia Post Meridiem‘s debut track “Low Tide” is out on Factory Flaws. Eugenia Post Meridiem strike gold in their first