Nick Valentini Collective – Carousel

No need to listen to “Carousel” several times to detect the emotional and creative potential that is hidden behind Nick Valentini Collective‘s music. Indeed, with the video of their soul fulfilling new track, the experimental 8-piece band from Los Angeles easily play and switch between indie, folk, jazz and experimental psychedelic soul. By the way, they have been often dubbed as a “jazz fusion Radiohead”: a label they of course as a compliment even if they think their music should not be categorized. The emotion, that you can feel all along their new track, is always accessible and intense. So close your eyes and let the magic begin.

All the members of the band came through the UCLA Music System and most of them live in the same apartment complex. But it doesn’t mean they all have the same musical background or tastes. That is probably why their style is so difficult to label.

As one of them wrote us:

We’ve all been independently writing music for many years but as a group we have only been writing together for about 8 months. Our instrumentation and each member’s different perspective on music will make it very difficult for our style to NOT evolve. Carousel is actually one of our earlier written pieces but it gives you a good sense of what the band is all about.

“Carousel” is a metaphor of life and is about the merry-go-rounds that everyone will know during his existence. The Nynne Mors-directed video particularly captures this existential whirlpool while the song smartly alternates between sweetness and intensity.

The band is going to tour in the LA area through the coming months and normally, they should release their debut album in July. As states Nick Valentini, singer and keyboardist in the band:

“The upcoming album is inspired by the beauty of experimentation and the eagerness to explore endless possibilities through voice and music. There is opportunity to grow as people and individuals by simply trying new things”

If like us you wanna have more information about us, we suggest you to follow them on Facebook or to directly check their website.

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