oscar oscar moves listeners with “See Myself”

Brisbane-based artist oscar oscar presents us his second single “See Myself”, released via Germany’s Majestic Casual Records. The artist returns with a beautiful new tune for us to get lost in during this fall work week.

“See Myself” is a mystical and smooth-sailing tune, decorated with delicately textured synths, a sensual bassline and a sultry vocal finish. This track was written during a busy workweek when oscar oscar started to feel ill and lacked any sort of motivation. Following a period of introspection, he powered through and blessed us with his newest piece of art. About the track, he stated:

I couldn’t really find much time or motivation for intimate relationships or passions, and I was just kind of finding myself depleted and lazy after work. I guess this was me making sense of that situation and just observing myself. I tend to see a lot of older men who never really take the time to smell the roses as their lives get consumed by misguided urgency and menial tasks. I feel as if I was in a space where I wasn’t really fulfilling what I wanted to emotionally. I needed to take some time to consider that, and I thank my mother for always pushing me towards the things I’m passionate about.

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Christian Gomez

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