Petra Glynt shares amazing video for ‘Fell In A Hole’, announces debut LP

Montreal avant-garde and experimental pop artist Petra Glynt just announced her debut album ‘This Trip’ and shared a video for the single ‘Fell In A Hole’.

Petra Glynt aka Alexandra Mackenzie caught us with her recent releases ‘This Trip‘ and ‘Fell In A Hole‘. The artist, who was the first to be signed on Damian Taylor‘s new label, has now announced her debut LP ‘This Trip’. It was originally self-produced and recorded in Mackenzie‘s Montreal apartment, and she says Taylor’s mixing of the album breathes “new life and energy” into her songs.

Petra Glynt‘s debut album ‘This Trip’ will be released on October 22 via Vibe Over Method.

Following up this announcement, Petra Glynt also shared a video for ‘Fell In A Hole’ that she co-directed with Lesley Marshall.

About this creation, the artist detailed:

The song is about resource extraction, about humans taking more then what is sustainable for the planet. It’s also about the difference in outlook between animals (in this case a bird) and humans when it comes to the environment. An animals doesn’t look at ways to dominate nature, it looks for food, shelter, etc., while humans find ways to cut it up own it and make a profit- basically in every possible way we can get away with.

She also added:

The video is meant to show who is responsible for the over-extraction of natural resources – the corporation. I play a narcissistic CEO not too dissimilar from the president of the United States and her staff of equally narcissistic and greedy office workers. Together we perform redundant office tasks while the world burns on the news broadcast. The video is essentially showing the insanity of corporate interest as tied to the fate of the planet. We shot this video in my apartment in Montreal with no budget. I feel so fortunate to have worked with such a wonderful cast and crew of femme-identifying magical people. <3

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