⚡ On “This Trip”, Petra Glynt’s art punk has the power of molten lava flow

Stop your infinite scrolling, don’t become an obese human being full of information you can’t digest anymore. Act and Live! This is the powerful message that Petra Glynt shouts in her excellent new track “This Trip”.

Toronto’s producer Alexandra Mackenzie, better known as Petra Glynt, is back with “This Trip”, the first single to be released from her debut LP with artist and record producer Damian Taylor‘s new label Vibe Over Method. On this eccentric piece of “art punk with vibrato”, Glynt is more relevant than ever with a unique sound proposition conveying an important message.

In this over-digitalized world, Petra Glynt places men face to face with their responsibilities as world citizens with “This Trip”

“This Trip” is reminiscent of Björk‘s “Declare Independence” (Damian Taylor actually collaborated with Björk on “Vespertine”). It’s a mystical, powerful, tribal and primitive pop track where Petra Glynt is a shaman giving the alert to a tribe of passive people living life and its issues via digital stimulations. The rhythm is wild and serious, giving the track the power of a molten lava flow or a tsunami. “This Trip” places men face to face with their responsibilities as world citizens. If you don’t change and act, likes and shares won’t be enough to save us.

Who hasn’t endlessly scrolled a news feed just to spend some time? Liking, commenting pictures or words that deal with total superficiality or being content with reading (only) news articles titles about major and vital issues. In this social media society, where post-truth seems to be more important than actions, we eat information just like any other drugs without moving any parts of our bodies except the index finger to click and scroll.

As the artist explained to The FADER over email:

I wrote ‘This Trip’ almost two years ago,[…]It was potent then and it is more so now. It is the product of my frustrations between the mounting global climate crisis and the presence of digital distractions – the kind that isolate us and make us passive consumers of information. Also the kind that give us false, fleeting feelings of gratification – patting us on the back for no tangible achievement whatsoever. I ask, how can we move forward this way? The song is a general call for urgency.

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You can also stream Petra Glynt‘s “This Trip” on our Spotify’s playlists DAILY DOSE FOR MUSIC JUNKIES and Thunderclap: Best New Music.