Pine Barons cover Fishmans seminal work “ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)”

Pine Barons release single “ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)”, announce their fourth album I LOVE FISH, a tribute to Fishmans out July 8th via Grind Select.

Philadelphia based alt-rock outfit Pine Barons have announced the release of a covers album dedicated to 90’s Japanese city pop outfit Fishmans. The project is introduced by their latest single “ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)”.

Awash with dreamy guitars and laced with swirling synths, the track brings the 90’s psych, shoegazey track into the 2020’s. Where the original places warped and muffled vocals at the forefront, Pine Barons take offers a crystalline vocal line, delivered succinctly by Keith Abrams.

Frontman Keith Abrams commented “”ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)” was one of the first songs that came together for this record early on in the process, and was one of the easier songs to translate into English. It was a popular song for Fishmans when it first came out, and I wanted to stay true to its dreaminess and to have it build upon itself and crescendo into a blissful end.”

”ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)” does what all truly wonderful covers do; retain the essence and heart of the track whilst making it sound fresh and distinctly reworked.

The accompanying visuals – directed by the band’s own Alex Beene are equally captivating. Reflecting the otherworldly, psychedelic soundscape created on the track, they show overlapping dreamlike images, convalescing in a car.

The full length covers album I LOVE FISH is due out July 8th and promised to be filled with further swathes of shoegazey goodness.

Rachel Chandler