Lose the excesses of summer with Pizzagirl’s 80s workout tune “gymnasium”

“gymnasium” is taken from Pizzagirl‘s sophomore “season 2” EP due out in November via Heist or Hit.

Hailing from a bedroom of Liverpool, Liam Brown aka Pizzagirl is crafting cute pop songs that seem to come from the past and his new tune “gymnasium” is no exception. Somewhere between 80s electronica and late 90s internet culture, it sounds like the credits of a sitcom you’d probably be too ashamed to watch again but also like the perfect tune to lose the excesses of your last summer. With its propulsive beat, pan flute riffs and shimmering chorus, “gymnasium” is almost a contemporary document from the kitschest era of the 20th century.

Sweatband ON! Post summer chub OFF! Your boy is back and as ripped as ever, ready to pump some rock iron and deadlift some melody weights. Make sure to tune into channel two for the second episode of season 2: GYMNASIUM!

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