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Pizzagirl gymnasium

Lose the excesses of summer with Pizzagirl’s 80s workout tune “gymnasium”

“gymnasium” is taken from Pizzagirl‘s sophomore “season 2” EP due out in November via Heist or Hit. Hailing from a

Her's Speed Racer

Her’s “Speed Racer” is like Mac DeMarco dancing on a beach on ecstasy!

Liverpool-based two-piece dream jangle-pop band Her’s recently shared a new track, “Speed Racer”, which is taken from their 8-track debut


Sea Moya – Baltic States EP

When I first listened to Sea Moya’s latest release, I wasn’t convinced one way or another. Instead, I was just left feeling mildly befuddled. So I listened to it again. And then again. And the more I listened to “Baltic States EP”, the more I learned to love it.

Her’s debut a dreamy and new wave track: “Dorothy”


Time for you to discover this Liverpool-based duo called Her’s and which recently released a promising debut track. Bassicaly, “Dorothy” mixes a lot of ideas and inspirations from bands we particularly, such as Ariel Pink, DIIV or Wild Nothing. The track is brand new even if there is a planning 80s new wave vibes all around it!