Popeska – I Believe

Popeska I Believe

Vibrant and journey-like are definitely the first two words that come to mind after listening to this new Popeska track. Popeska, otherwise known as Raif IRL describes himself on SoundCloud like this: “I live in Atlanta, and love music. Basic, but I feel like that’s all there is to know” which like… sums it up pretty well I think. Listen to “I Believe” on HighClouds and download it for free!

Anyways, I had no idea who Popeska was until I heard “I Believe” and it really is not a track to miss out on. The melodic theme that begins the track goes through several transformations and listeners may feel like they’re being taken on an adventure into a world where things change in the blink of an eye, a second in sound. Yet travelers through this world are anchored to reality by the melody that guides them through it. Think of the repeating main melody as the tiny sailboat that is exposed to the elements, pirates, and all sorts of adventure in this world, and suddenly the track makes so much more sense.

“I Believe” begins simple enough, but it isn’t long before a rote drum keeps the beat, and more layers in sound are added to the melody. This all accumulates into a bright buildup ripe with trumpeting and choral oohs which collapses down with full force at 1:25. Suddenly, listeners are exposed to a hard-hitting blast of noise, and the melody is transformed into a raucous, rabble-rousing tune to keep you on your toes. This banter between calm and hardcore go back and forth, all the while sustaining a mood that is both optimistic, promising, and steadfastly upbeat. It’s a delicious combination that is both quirky and observant of current music trends like trap and future bass, but doesn’t edge far into either territory.

With “I Believe”, it’s all about the mood that the sounds create in the track when blended together, and that’s what makes Popeska‘s new track a quintessential one!

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