Prince Innocence share dreamy and gleaming tribute to “Angelyne”

Prince Innocence‘s self-released new track, “Angelyne,” is out now.

Toronto duo Prince Innocence (Talvi Faustmann + Josh McIntyre) have shared their second single of 2020. Recorded and co-written with Joel Ford, “Angelyne” is a dreamy, classic house-inflected tribute to 80s American enigmatic pin up Angelyne.

“I’ve been obsessed with Angelyne for a while now,” Faustmann explained to Exclaim!. “She took her fame and objectification into her own hands with the billboards. She was like a pre-Internet social media star because that’s what we all do now. We produce and sell ourselves, often with nothing to sell. There’s a subversiveness to deciding to make yourself a star without gatekeepers and producers. I think millennials especially connect to that urge.”

Get the track via Bandcamp below, and stream it in our Best Tracks of 2020 playlist.