Promis3 drop fantasy visuals for cyborg pop banger “Future Funeral”

Promis3‘s new single, “Future Funeral,” is self-released via Simulated Paradise.

Belgian duo Promis3 are probably one of the most exciting hyperpop acts out there at the moment. With a 360 approach, Andras Vleminckx and Brent Dielen produce sharp, forward-thinking pop music, halfway between IDM and EDM, while depicting a singular visual universe, one where cyborgs and humans, virtual and reality meld together. After having announced the creation of their own agency, Simulated Paradise, they return with another arresting offering, “Future Funeral”.

Combining icy techno, haunting jungle beat and goth aesthetic, the pair might have unleashed their fiercest banger to date. If “Future Funeral” will assuredly make you trip on virtual dance floors, its melancholy edge also encloses a precious message to everybody who struggles with their mental health: “drugs aren’t a substitute for the real support that people around can offer”. Watch their incredible, fantasy-inspired new animated video below.