Radiohead share Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for “Daydreaming”

How not to be excited? Here is another blockbuster smash hit from Radiohead that will surely take your heart away. Following the magnificently planned release of “Burn The Witch“, the band dropped another video to promote their yet-untitled ninth album, planned to be digitally released tomorrow! “Daydreaming” is a piano ballad that is pure beauty, and the video was directed by the amazing Paul Thomas Anderson.

“Daydreaming” is up to the excellence of their previous albums’ “Ok Computer” or “Kid A”

In the surrealist and beautiful video of “Daydreaming”, Thom Yorke walks in a series of location and the best part is, of course, the end of the song. It’s amazing and heart touching. Reflects fabulously the tempo of life. Slowed vocals in the cave at the end is the crux of life.

Some fans are so excited by Radiohead‘s terrific comeback that they eat pictures of Thom Yorke to celebrate it!

Sam Sodomsky, from Pitchfork, wrote about the song:

There’s a simple, sad piano motif. Some spooky backmasked vocals; and of course, Thom Yorke’s devastated wheeze floating above it all like an omniscient narrator. The fittingly dramatic orchestral and electronic flourishes that dip and bob throughout its second half create a similarly disorienting effect to staccato strings in “Burn The Witch” but whereas that single was all nervous energy, this one feels more like the calm before the storm.

If you can’t wait tomorrow for the LP, get “Daydreaming” on iTunes now.

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