Rak-su – Crystal Sky  (Video)

Rak-su - Crystal Sky

Releasing an E.P with stunning music videos, Rak-su is entering the game with a bang. The group Rak-su consists of four artists: Ashley, Jamaal, Mustafa and their newest member Myles. Combining their talents as writers, rappers, and singers, they created the E.P to sensitize the highs and lows of their journey together.

Rak-su - Crystal Sky

The “Flights N Feels” E.P is a recollection of Rak-su’s thoughts and emotions over the past couple of years.

It captures the “flights”: the high times of life that seem to work out even when they felt lost. And it envelops the dark times that caught them in the “feels” when they were confused about love, life and maturity in general.

Jamie from Frostbite Films helped shoot and edit while Ashley directed the vision of “Crystal Sky”. Epic beach shots fill the video with massive white cliffs that tower over the orange-tinted sand. With these visual aesthetics, he adds to the wonder and awe of his artistic piece, multiplying the feels by x500. In addition to the fantastic aerial drone shots, this music video will leave you with a sense of calm and camaraderie.

As for the future of Rak-su’s music, Ashley hopes to continue on this adventurous route. He wants to use more experimental sounds and harmonization, all the while keeping an honest narrative. He wishes to express and extend to the listener who they are through the music they create.

Ashley’s poetic rap drags you into the soul of the song as heavenly synths curtain the background.

Listen to the rest of Rak-su’s “Flights N Feels” EP featuring producers weird inside and WIZE known for their unique spirited sounds. The E.P is independently released and is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

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