Rosemary Fairweather shares new single “On The Radio”

Rosemary Fairweather‘s new album Heavenly – A Second Collection of Songs is out August 30.

As you might have read, 25-year-old singer-songwriter Rosemary Fairweather has been suffering from a brain injury over the last months. Although her second album Heavenly — A Second Collection of Songs was finished before the accident, this kind of recovery is never an easy thing. Now that her health situation seems to be a bit better, she is teasing the album by releasing a new song on the last Friday of each month. The dreamy and luminous “On The Radio” is already the fifth single off of the record, following up on “Feel Better.”

About the story of “On The Radio,” she explained:

I wrote “On the Radio” one morning without words. Originally, I’d intended it as a love song, but on the drive home, I was skimming through radio stations, and kept landing on iconic greats from the past. I landed on John Lennon’s voice first, and then skipped over to hear Bowie. I kept hitting on artists who have passed on, and whom I admire so much. I started to imagine the airwaves as some sort of other heavenly realm that we can’t see or feel, but can listen in on, and this was proof of its existence somehow. It brought me more sense of peace with their deaths, and the mortality that we all share.”

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