Sarah P. shares new EP and mysteriously addictive single “Lotus Eaters”

“Lotus Eaters” is taken from Sarah P.‘s new Maenads EP out today on EraseRestart.

The former frontwoman of Keep Shelly in Athens, Sarah P., is going solo for some years. After her 2017’s debut album Who Am I , the experimental pop artist is readying the release of her sophomore album Plotting Revolutions. In between these two projects, she shares today a brand new EP where she explores the theme of female power – its magic, strength, and imperfect perfection. She has also unveiled a video for the mysteriously addictive single “Lotus Eaters”, a song and a flower charged with symbols of rebirth. About the song, she detailed:

For Lotus Eaters, I opted for a mysterious dreamscape where reality and fantasy blend to create a third dimension. Here I explore the themes “witch” and “witchcraft” and how these terms have always been used against emancipated, dynamic women.

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