Sevdaliza – The Formula (short film)

Born in Iran and living now in Rotterdam, Sevdaliza is an inspired artist whose music mixes poetry, tension, soul and cold electronic sounds. All these elements can be found in the ambitious and inspired mini film that was directed by Emmanuel Adjei and which is named “The Formula”. It was premiered via Noisey.

In the video, where all the tracks are of course signed by the singer of “Marilyn Monroe“, Sevdaliza is starring along with Saman Amini, another Iranian artist. The video, that was produced by the Polish independent production house Silver Frame, starts with a worrying introduction where a man is driving fast. Then, the whole video is a succession of scenes that alternate beauty and anguish.

The whole rendition is pure beauty and poetry but is also questioning some philosophical points, such as Love or Death. Of course, there is no strict answer to these concepts and the video answers with nuances, between crisis, happiness, doubts and hopes.

– Your work is done, right?
– It has actually just began

the formula premiers in cinema sunday june 19th. visit for tickets.

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Sevdaliza‘s “The Formula” introduces the concept of the unreachable search of perfection

The video also introduces the concepts of cycles or infinity, a theme that is sacred for some artists that are never happy with their work and looking for perfection. The horizon, the sky, the universe… Unreachable limits that have always been a source of inspiration for artists. And you, till where would you be you able to go to bring perfection to your art?

Sevdaliza The Formula Smoke

“The Formula” is also a bad commercial for the tobacco industry! Not a good point on this one! But as Sevdaliza is not afraid of dealing with the death. And you, are you?

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