Sevdaliza – Marilyn Monroe (Video)


Marilyn Monroe” is THE song that made us love the Dutch artist Sevdaliza. It was released 9 months ago but benefits now of a futuristic/3D video.

Sevdaliza knows how to catch the viewer’s attention as every single video she posts have a background or a beautiful aesthetic. “Marilyn Monroe” approaches a futuristic theme like she did with the “That Other Girl” gorgeous 3D video.

Sevdaliza morphs and grows into her future self.”
She told the press about the video : “‘Marilyn Monroe’ follows the journey of a reboothed human. Inspired by a testimony of connecting inner and outer strength, Marilyn Monroe portrays the process of gracefully becoming stronger, a practice of remembering the muscles, the limbs, the bones, the face, the self, and completion of an evolving ex-human’s body, mind and soul. She gracefully represent the struggle with the future self and tries to find spiritual truth through computed experiences.

directed by Hirad Sab
written by Sevdaliza and Hirad Sab
music produced by Mucky
co-produced by Sevdaliza

“Marilyn Monroe” is taken from her latest project “Children of Silk EP”. Stream it via Spotify or buy it on Itunes

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