Slovenlie defines her track “Celerity” with her swift and electric energies

London-based artist Slovenlie creates another electric single, “Celerity.” With the definition, literally meaning “swiftness of movement” this track moves smoothly and quickly with its fast paced energies bouncing from one beat to the next.

Slovenlie constructs such an independent sound that mixes a trifecta of electronic, pop and dance all so swiftly. With her inspiration coming from her own experiences, she explains that her inspiration comes from her struggle.

To keep it together when things are tough and stressful. Having to make fast, sometimes reckless decisions to keep your head above water and survive.

Slovenlie lives by the motto of moving with celerity. It helps her get through her life and has inspired her track which will get us through ours.

You can follow her over Soundcloud and Twitter.

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