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Twenty year-old producer Sober Rob has steadfastly released a slew of highly experimental original tracks over the past nine months that have intrigued SoundCloud music scavengers and the blogosphere alike.

Being well-versed in classical music, Sober Rob has played viola since he was eight years old. This background, while rather a sharp veer from the type of music he’s been putting out, has actually factored immensely into the way Sober Rob creates music.

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Today, HighClouds is happy to share with listeners yet another one of Sober Rob’s works of original music.

“Verve” is a track steeped in the familiar haphazard elements that uniquely clutter Sober Rob’s music.

A simple, saw-like synth melody begins the track before quickly delving into more experimental territory, leading to a drop accompanied by simple bass. However, rather than falling back on the typical fodder that usually permeates electronic music these days such as a simple “verse-chorus-verse” or “melody-drop-melody” type of format, it is during this part of “Verve” that the track takes, well, an abrupt verve.

The simple synth melody from the beginning of “Verve” becomes an afterthought in the background, becoming more distorted and weird as gradually and then suddenly, the speed of the track accelerates. The bass slyly flairs out during this time in “Verve”, giving some hearty, fast-paced thumps while other glitchy sounds create more mood shaping in the track. Finally, silvery, crackly synths build the track up only to end “Verve”, unresolved. It feels almost unfinished, but maybe that’s the way Sober Rob intended. While some tracks make you feel excited or energetic in the most festive of ways, “Verve” will most likely leave you feeling a bit flustered about your excitement. It’s definitely non-traditional and kind of addicting, in the strangest of senses.

To sum it up, “Verve” is a track that will impress because of its refusal to fall under the stereotypes of “SoundCloud” music. Sort of like Flume, Sober Rob has a flair for creating sounds and then just going with it, which means that oftentimes, the structure of his music sounds more freeing and less confined to the traditional structures that permeate popular electronic music today.

Sober Rob‘s EP “Enlighten” drops on June 24th, and after taking a listen to “Verve”, it’s a guarantee that the young producer’s EP will also be something to look forward to as well.

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