St. Ranger, drunk as a punk, high as a hippie in the video of “Billy Brown”

Man of many bands, Shawn Harris releases a video for his latest track “Billy Brown” under his personal music moniker of St. Ranger. “Billy Brown” is a reflection and actual name of Shawn’s friend who drinks and smokes a lot. The track is off St. Ranger’s debut album titled “Leaves L.A..”

Harris was and is the frontman of naughties punk band The Matches, garage rock band Fortress Social Club, and half of the indie-pop duo Maniac. With a 1974 Airstream Trailer taking him across America, Harris would pause anywhere and everywhere inspiration comes to make a record even in odd places like caves and canyons.

In the Ali Naqvi-directed video, St. Ranger is smoking, drinking, and showing off his beard all over the city with alternate sequences of real colors, black and white drawings, and psychedelic colors. The animation is signed by Shawn himself and the psyched-out visuals remind, by the way, of the previous single “Dream Is Alive.”

“Leaves L.A.” was released earlier this year on Pretend Record.

You can follow St. Ranger on Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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