Swedish ambient pop newcomer Stainwasher returns with “Drying”

Stainwasher‘s new single, “Drying”, is out on Feverish.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Stainwasher, a Swedish newcomer crafting emotional and mystical ambient pop. We actually named “Joy for Me”, the lead single of her debut EP What Did I See, as one of our Best Tracks of 2019 (so far). Stainwasher is also one of the first signees of Feverish, an imprint founded and managed by Wy‘s members Michel Gustafsson and Ebba G. Ågren.

Today, we’re very happy to welcome her back with “Drying”, a misty, synth-driven track about the necessity of contextualizing our lives in our modern world. In her own words:

I think people like to place things in categories in order to be able to cope with the abundance of information they receive every day, and I am no exception. The search for some kind of context might be as fundamental as eating or sleeping, that’s why many people never get satisfied with anything, but at least they’re alive.

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