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Stainwasher Chems video by Henrik Lennartsson

STAINWASHER awakes the eerie and unsettling in ambient-pop single “Chems”

STAINWASHER‘s new track, “Chems,” is out now on Feverish. Last year, STAINWASHER released her debut EP What Did I See.

Cuntrie Oh Boy video

Cuntrie explores fragile masculinity in “Oh Boy” video

“Oh Boy” is taken from Cuntrie‘s upcoming debut EP, Scrapbooking, due out January 22 on Feverish. Wy‘s Ebba Gustafsson Ågren

Cuntrie Spiders

Cuntrie conquers her fears on “Spider”

Ebba Gustafsson Ågren releases “Spider”, the second single from her new solo project Cuntrie. “Spider” begins with a long wail–

Cuntrie The Singer

Wy’s Ebba Ågren goes solo as Cuntrie with the touching “The Singer”

Cuntrie‘s debut single, “The Singer”, is out via Feverish. You might be familiar with Wy, a Swedish duo whose touching

Coral find me wrong feverish by Ebba G. Ågren

Coral debuts with intimate and vulnerable song “find me wrong”

This week, Coral released her debut track, “find me wrong”, via independent label Feverish, alongside a lovely B-side, “you’re not

Stainwasher Drying

Swedish ambient pop newcomer Stainwasher returns with “Drying”

Stainwasher‘s new single, “Drying”, is out on Feverish. Earlier this year, we introduced you to Stainwasher, a Swedish newcomer crafting

Stainwasher Only Lonely

Stainwasher unleashes all her restrained energy in impressive “Only Lonely”

Stainwasher‘s debut EP What Did I See is out today on Feverish. After capturing the attention of several music blogs

Stainwasher Joy For Me

Float away with Stainwasher’s ethereal new single “Joy For Me”

“Joy For Me” is the second single from Stainwasher‘s upcoming debut EP What Did I See due out March 29