Dream Pop duo Starover Blue denounce the funeral industry on “Parlor Trick”

“Parlor Trick” is taken from Starover Blue‘s self-released sophomore album, Ordinary Magic.

As we are reaching the climax of the Halloween season in a minute, it’s quite normal to see tracks and videos popping up with death references. Nevertheless, this topic doesn’t always have to be addressed with a spooky tone. On their new single “Parlor Trick,” a track taken from their latest album Ordinary Magic, Portland’s dream-pop band Starover Blue describe their experience with a funeral complex and wonder if, after all, the loss of a loved one has to be part of an industry. “Parlor Trick” was born after the death of one of the artists’ parents, when they had to deal with a cold organization that conflated love and money. “A body when the soul is gone / Fill your pockets as they cry,” they sing on this disconcerting yet cathartic and soothing offering.

An analogue synth-laden song both to process a harrowing experience and claim more respectful alternatives, “Parlor Trick” is probably the deepest Halloween material that you will hear this year. About the dreamy accompanying visuals, which once again look strangely colourful for such a topic, they detail: “[It] was shot in our neighborhood, which is at its prime around Halloween. The mausoleum, the hundred-year-old amusement park, the riverwalk, the old houses…there aren’t many places with a vibe like this.” Watch below.

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