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Starover Blue Parlor Trick video

Dream Pop duo Starover Blue denounce the funeral industry on “Parlor Trick”

“Parlor Trick” is taken from Starover Blue‘s self-released sophomore album, Ordinary Magic. As we are reaching the climax of the

Starover Blue Chameleon

Starover Blue want to go backwards with dreamy cut “Chameleon”

Starover Blue‘s new track “Chameleon” is out tomorrow. Starover Blue is an experimental dream-pop act which was founded in 2007,

Starover Blue Anemone

Starover Blue’s “Anemone” is a bittersweet and haunting song about love

Starover Blue shares dreamy and hypnotic new single “Anemone” prior to a Western US tour. Hailing from Portland in Oregon,