Surma uses her skin as a masterpiece in the stunning visuals of “Plass”

Avant-pop artist Surma unveils stunning Casota Collective-directed visuals for her song “Plass”.

Following up on previously released single “Hemma” and “Maasai“, Portuguese artist Débora Umbelino, aka Surma, has shared the visuals of her new single “Plass”. The artist has this power to make you float out of time and space. Here, everything is in suspension, from the percussion to the audience.

Like for “Hemma”, Surma decided to work with the Casota Collective for what we don’t hesitate to call visual artistry. In the clip, Surma uses her body and skin as supports for varied colourful and original visual experiments. About the concept, the Casota Collective detailed:

The skin and the body act as a ground for textures and visual experiences which translates the poetic soundscapes of Antwerp.

“Plass” is featured on Surma‘s debut album “Antwerpen” out now via Omnichord Records.

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