Sylvie Kreusch is bewitching in her ritual-like debut track “Seedy Tricks”

Belgian artist Sylvie Kreusch debuts with percussive single “Seedy Tricks”.

Known for her work as frontwoman in Soldier’s Heart, for some collaborations with varied Belgian bands and for being part of alt-pop duo Warhaus, Antwerp-based artist Sylvie Kreusch is debuting her solo career with the track “Seedy Tricks”. The song, which was mixed by Stockhom-based producer Lasse Mårtén (Lykke Li, Kelly Clarkson, Alex Winston, Peter Bjorn & John), is a percussion-driven slice of indie pop to be played around a big open-air fire. “Seedy Tricks” sounds like the soundtrack of an esoteric ritual in which Sylvie Kreusch hauntingly sings about inner burning passions and loneliness. Tune in below.

Sylvie Kreush will share the stage with Tessa Dixson on May 2 for the Nuits 2018. More info there.

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