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eartheater faith consuming hope video Elliott Power

Eartheater navigates chastity and desire in “Faith Consuming Hope” video

“Faith Consuming Hope” is taken from Eartheater‘s Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, out on PAN. New York City-based

Eartheater Phoenix Petite More by Daniel Sannwald

Eartheater surprise drops rework of her 2020 album Phoenix

Eartheater‘s Phoenix: La Petite Mort Édition is out today on PAN. If like us you totally fell in love with

Eartheater Phoenix How To Fight video

Eartheater announces new album on PAN, shares “How To Fight” video

“How To Fight” is taken from Eartheater‘s upcoming album, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, out October 2 via

Eartheater Trinity mixtape Fontanel

Eartheater shares ghostly and experimental dream pop track “Fontanel”

“Fontanel” is taken from Eartheater‘s new mixtape Trinity, out today on Chemical X. Queens-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin, aka

Eartheater High Tide Trinity Chemical X

Eartheater launches new label, shares new single “High Tide”

“High Tide” is taken from Eartheater‘s upcoming mixtape Trinity, to be released soon on her own label Chemical X. Following