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Alicia Keys and Kaytranada shared collaboration “Sweet F’in Love”

After the release of her album “Here,” Alicia Keys shared “Sweet F’in Love” via the Soundcloud of her husband Swizz

Kiah Victoria – Cold War

Some days ago, Brooklyn-based 24-year-old singer Kiah Victoria released “Cold War”, a powerful RNB ballad that has everything to make Alicia Keys envious. The young artist, who was active on the internet before, seems to make a clean sweep of matters as she deleted everything that was already available online and presents this new track as her debut single. The track is the first one from a forthcoming debut EP due later this year. A promising track from a future star!

Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys In Common

Welcome back Alicia! Alicia Keys has dropped her first single from her upcoming 2016 album, titled “In Common” it is a new, fresh beat from the famous r&b singer. The artist decides to leave her piano behind in this track and instead include a latin based beat to supplement her voice. “In Common takes a sharp swerve towards the dance floor and could dominate club speakers in future months. It is a far cry from her normal ballad based tracks like “Fallin” and “No One” and I can’t make up my mind on it.