Alicia Keys – In Common

Alicia Keys In Common

Welcome back Alicia! Alicia Keys has dropped her first single from her upcoming 2016 album, titled “In Common” it is a new, fresh beat from the famous r&b singer. The artist decides to leave her piano behind in this track and instead include a latin based beat to supplement her voice. “In Common takes a sharp swerve towards the dance floor and could dominate club speakers in future months. It is a far cry from her normal ballad based tracks like “Fallin” and “No One” and I can’t make up my mind on it.

I am a total sucker for a soulful, heart splitting voice – one Alicia possesses. Her emotional and tear jerking tone is what makes Alicia Keys one of the best but she tones it down in her new track and a part of me misses it. I want to be pushed towards an emotional break down when I hear her sing, I want to be fighting back tears.

Alicia Keys mutes her voice in “In Common but includes some very personal lyrics.

“We got way too much in common….”

“Who wants to love somebody like me….”

“If you can love somebody like me you must be messed up too.”

Her message is still deeply powerful and emotional but surrounded by a funky, latin festival style backdrop. It seems clear that this song is meant to compete with the explosion of dance music that has punctuated the radio waves over the last few years. It is a good song, well produced and catchy but a part of me wants Alicia to hit those notes and stretch those vocal chords. Perhaps she does in the rest of her new album and “In Common” may be the perfect quieter number. We shall see.

I am glad that Alicia is back and I look forward to hearing what else she has been working on. I love it when artists branch off in new directions and show off new elements of themselves. If this is, in fact, a new and lasting style from Alicia Keys I am excited to see what else she has to offer! Buy the single on iTunes.

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