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Amber Arcades – Fading Lines (Video)

Amber Arcades - Fading Lines

GOD we can’t wait for this album to come out! Amber Arcades unveiled the video for her dreamy track “Fading Lines” directed by Gover Meit who played a backward sky diving experience. For those afraid of backward experiences, heights, emptiness, people falling or even people on blue suits, don’t watch it! But, unluckily for you, it is so good that it deserves for you to fight your fears.

Amber Arcades – Fading Lines


If you don’t know that we are big fans of Dutch indie artist Amber Arcades, it is probably due to the fact that we might not have been keeping with us a lot lately as we already talk about her track “Right Now” and we asked her to share a playlist with her favorite tracks. The date for the release of her debut album is arriving very soon that she shared “Fading Lines”, the track that gives the name to the forthcoming album due to be released on 3rd June via Heavenly.