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Frank Ocean Releases aptly named visual Album: “Endless”

Frank Ocean, the artist you love but who also getting you on your nerves, released a visual album named “Endless.” It is out now via Apple Music and you can watch it here. Moreover, his representant told Pitchfork to “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.

Read Frank Ocean’s words about the Orlando Tragedy

Some days after the tragedy of Orlando, a lot of artists decided to post statements, reactions and other messages to share their feelings about this massacre that is one of the worst in the US History. Today, Frank Ocean shared, in turn via his Tumblr, some words about this sad event. The artist, who opened up about his sexuality some years ago, is personally moved by this event and his speech is particularly emotional. It notably deals with religion, but also with homophobia and transphobia. Read it below.