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Love Ssega shares his first video for “Pray For Love”

Some days ago, we were presenting you the British-Ugandan artist Love Ssega and his joyful and happy pop. Now, there is a video to go with “Pray For Love” and like the song, it is very colorful. The images are the continuity of Tom Hingston and Rhonda Drakeford‘s work on the sleeve of his EP “Minds”.

Love Ssega – Pray For Love


Love Ssega is not a perfect unknown guy. You maybe know it from the English electronic band Clean Bandit as he was one of their former members. Now that he is graduated from Cambridge university (he just passed a PhD in laser sensing), he can fully focus on his musical career. He released a promising solo track “Minds” two months ago. Now, here is “Pray For Love” that also is a mix of modern pop, NYC funky disco, 80s hip-hop and new wave. No less!