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Olga Bell invites you to get in the “Zone”

American musician, music producer, composer, and singer-songwriter Olga Bell just released a self-directed video for “Zone“. It invites you to

Olga Bell – ATA (Video)

Brooklyn’s most cherished Muscovite Olga Bell has a new record out. Its title is “TEMPO” and it’s really, really good. What better way to celebrate its release than with an elegant but slightly disquieting video? The video in question is for second single “ATA“, a minimal pulsating track that pays homage to Frank O’Hara and “Moments in Love”.

Olga Bell – ATA


It’s going to cater to the body, Olga Bell‘s new album. Its name is “TEMPO” and if you have paid attention, you should know already it’s impossible not to move along its first single “Randomness“. Now it’s time to leave the dance floor for the moody afterparty of the second cut “ATA”.

Olga Bell – Randomness

Serious people of the world, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and get loose. It’s Olga Bell who advices you to. The restless Brooklynite, born in Moscow like geniuses Dostoevsky and t.A.T.u but raised in Alaska, is back with a new album tailored specifically for the body. Inspired by classic documentary “Paris Is Burning” and beat-driven ’90s music, “TEMPO” is going to be a physical record, an exploration of high speed, low pace, everything in between and the way they feel inside and outside. The first single is titled “Randomness” and you can hear it below.