Olga Bell – ATA (Video)

Brooklyn’s most cherished Muscovite Olga Bell has a new record out. Its title is “TEMPO” and it’s really, really good. What better way to celebrate its release than with an elegant but slightly disquieting video? The video in question is for second single “ATA“, a minimal pulsating track that pays homage to Frank O’Hara and “Moments in Love”.

The video was directed by Tokyo-based artist and programmer Baku Hashimoto, who worked closely with Bell in an online-exclusive collaboration. The result feels completely digital too. Black-and-white footage of Olga chilling out in the Rockaways is manipulated through 3D matte painting into tableaux of what looks like distorted bits of a .jpeg file that had an unfortunate encounter with electronic shredder. Enter the bewildering world of the inside of a picture below.

“TEMPO” is out now. Buy it on iTunes.

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