Take a trip out of time and space with Menke’s poetic debut “Moln”

Hailing from Sweden, Menke debuts with her single “Moln” which is her own arrangement of Swedish poet Karin Boye’s classic poem of the same name.

We don’t know a lot about Menke except that this Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist can play piano, guitar, banjo, cello, vibraphone but also the lyre and wine glasses. By chance, Karin Boye‘s poem has been translated so we know that it is about clouds, evening prayer, morning song, dreams, and recovery. We won’t take the risk to go further in the interpretation of the lyrics but what we can claim though is that the track comes with solid and oneiric arrangements and that Menke‘s voice can stop the time and bring you to another place in an instant. If you don’t believe us, close your eyes and enjoy the trip.

Menke’s debut single “Moln” is now available via and Cosmos Music.

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