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Menke Moln video

Enjoy a sylvan break with Menke and her peaceful video “Moln”

Swedish up and coming artist Menke has just shared the visuals of her poetic debut single “Moln”. Menke is a


Take a trip out of time and space with Menke’s poetic debut “Moln”

Hailing from Sweden, Menke debuts with her single “Moln” which is her own arrangement of Swedish poet Karin Boye’s classic

Naomi Pilgrim – Sink Like A Stone

A whistle blower for peace who brings powerfully charged and soulful pop, that’s how we can describe Naomi Pilgrim. After her critically acclaimed self-titled EP, launched in 2013, she only continued to grow in music and as a person with her later release “House Of Dreams”. We are now early 2016 and Swedish-over-Barbados singer Naomi is back with her statement single “Sink Like A Stone”.