⚡ Takykardia is here to help with their irresistible new single “Ritula”

Takykardia‘s “Ritula” is out now on Turbulence and Pharaohs.

Between the massive wildfires raging across California and domestic terrorists shooting up restaurants and synagogues, it’s been a pretty miserable, helpless couple of weeks in the States. Thankfully, Takykardia‘s new single, “Ritula,” has arrived at just the right moment, accompanied by a sweet and joyous music video you just can’t help smile at.

The Danish trio starts things off with singer Luna Matz‘s seductive vocals over three chords played on a Rhodes — a minimalist counterpoint to the huge production that’s still to come — sounding a little like Portishead in a major key. As background vocals, synth padding, and wobbly bass are gradually added to the mix, Takykardia‘s song builds anticipation and creates a growing sense that something is about to happen. It’s at almost exactly the halfway point when it all pays off and “Ritula” suddenly turns into a glorious rush of a pop song, with layered vocal harmonies swirling around a lovely string section, all laid over a disco-lite dance beat. The feeling is completely euphoric, just like when a DJ finally drops that perfect track we didn’t even realize we were waiting for and everyone in the club loses their mind.

It’s a superb track in and of itself, made even better by its fantastic video, which Luna Matz also directed. After a couple minutes of the band members, all dressed in matching white jump suits, quietly posing in the middle of the woods, they break out into a synchronized dance routine that is every bit as delightful as the blissful sounds they’re moving to. Get ready to spend an hour in front of your computer, looping the video’s back half in order to learn the adorable choreography. And as Takykardia eventually returns to the chorus mantra of “A hurricane could come by, and I’ll be all right,” we’re left with a sensation of optimism, perseverance, and joy — a kind of salve to help us through these current times.

Jeremy Quist

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