Wander into the Summer haze with TARA’s new single

Stream TARA‘s new song, “Wander,” before it’s out everywhere tomorrow.

Hailing from Brooklyn, TARA is a five-piece band with varied influences, ranging from shoegaze and dream pop to post-rock. Following on their Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine-esque debut single “Second Guess,” they are now premiering “Wander,” the second track of five singles to be released this year.

Just like with their previous offering, “Wander” goes a bit further than the traditional shoegaze aesthetic. Driven by a hypnotic drum loop, the luminous and yet so melancholic track coasts as much on overlaying guitars as on ethereal synthesizers, creating something quiet-loud, simultaneously dense and diaphanous. There’s actually no climax in the track, as it continuously evaporates high in the sky from start to finish. Lost in reverb and distortion, the ghostly vocals smartly leave some doubts about the intention of the track: was it crafted to make you move or to make you cry? Probably both. Brimming with raw and elusive power, “Wander” is a cathartic and vibrant track that perfectly encapsulates the meaning of “Summer Haze.” Listen below.

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