⚡ Taylor Skye debuts solo EP with woozy and wacky mantra “Kode Fine”

Taylor Skye‘s self-released debut EP KODE FINE & SONS is out May 3.

Taylor Skye is a 20-year-old artist who grew up surrounded by music and started producing at age 11, when his dad brought home a laptop with the software Logic on it. Known to be one half of London dysfunctional pop duo Jockstrap, Skye is now readying the release of his debut solo EP, KODE FINE & SONS, due out next month.

Closing the 7-track project, the first single “Kode Fine” is a fascinating introduction to his wacky and woozy synth-funk universe. Distorted and heavily processed, the lo-fi song sounds fakely cheerful and self-assured, sparking with irony and a sort of melancholy. Is it really that fun when people talk about you all the time? We obviously know the answer. “Kode Fine” sounds like a self-convincing mantra to feel a bit better about this uncomfortable situation. But when asked about the meaning of this glitchy track, the artist fairly avows that he doesn’t even know himself:

I’m not really sure what Kode Fine is about. It was the first song I made after two weeks of not making any music and just painting all the time instead. My life was a bit of a haze around that time and I was feeling very heartbroken. I was listening to a lot of Kode 9 too…

Listen to Taylor Skye‘s “Kode Fine” below and check the track in our HighClouds: Best of 2019 playlist.

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