Teenagers are becoming adult women in KEDR LIVANSKIY’s video ‘YOUR NAME’

Moscow’s Kedr Livanskiy just shared an amazing Konstantin Bushmanov-codirected video for ‘Your Name’.

Yana Kedrina, aka Kedr Livanskiy, is currently one of the main figureheads of Russian underground music scene. Following up on the release of her debut album “Ariadna” in September, the artist unveils stunning and realistic visuals for “Your Name”. The video depicts both life post-Soviet Union and the initiatory rite into adulthood of two girls. A lot of feelings are emerging while watching, oscillating in between mystery, romanticism, intimacy, and sadness. Ultimately, it is a lush and multi-layered matryoshka content that unveils new feelings after each play. Watch Kedr Livanskiy‘s video for “YOUR NAME” below.

Kedr Livanskiy‘s “YOUR NAME” is featured on her album “Ariadna” wich is out now via 2MR.

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