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Gel Set Where the ocean meets the land video

Gel Set says life is a beach on sombre cut “Where the Ocean Meets the Land”

Texan multi-talented trailblazer Gel Set releases “Where the Ocean Meets the Land,” a haunting ode to the swells of the

Kedr Livanskiy - 'Ivan Kupala (New Day)' video

Kedr Livanskiy shares visuals for “Ivan Kupala (New Day) (Иван купала)”

“Ivan Kupala (New Day) (Иван купала)” is taken from Kedr Livanskiy‘s album, Your Need, out on 2MR. One year after

Divine Interface So Fine

Divine Interface just wants to see us move on throbbing track “So Fine”

Atlanta-based Divine Interface drops dance-inducing track “So Fine” on 2MR. After solidifying himself as a staple in the Atlanta DJ

Kedr Livanskiy Sky Kisses video

Kedr Livanskiy shares oneiric visuals for “Sky Kisses”

“Sky Kisses (на танцполе)” is taken from Kedr Livanskiy‘s latest album Your Need, out on 2MR. Kedr Livanskiy‘s videos have

TWINS Lie Awake video New Cold Dream

TWINS announces sophomore album with hazy and eerie “Lie Awake” video

TWINS announces sophomore album New Cold Dream, releasing October 25 via 2MR, and debuts new single “Lie Awake”. Producer Matt

Kedr Livanskiy - 'Ivan Kupala (New Day)' video

Welcome the arrival of spring with Kedr Livanskiy’s “Ivan Kupala (New Day)”

Kedr Livanskiy‘s new album Your Need is out May 3 on 2MR. In a few weeks, Moskow artist Kedr Livanskiy

Kedr Livanskiy Your Need artwork album

Kedr Livanskiy announces new album, shares “Kiska (киска)” video

Kedr Livanskiy‘s sophomore album Your Need is our May 3 on 2MR. Moscow’s producer Yana Kedrina, better known as Kedr

Kedr Livanskiy by Sasha Mademuaselle

Kedr Livanskiy shares new track and video “Bilo Vremya (There Was A Time)”

“Bilo Vremya (There Was A Time)” is the first offering from Kedr Livanskiy this year. Last year, Kedr Livanskiy released