The Land Below – And On

The Land Below

One of the busiest Swedes of the moment must be Malmö’s Erik Lindestad and his dream pop project The Land Below. After releasing the last weeks some impressive synth covers of the most iconic pop songs of the 90s, as there are “Hand in My Pocket” by Miss Morissette and “Save Tonight” by Mr. Cherry, we welcome today the 2nd track “And On” from his upcoming “It’s all figured out” EP.

With a past in electronic pop bands as Cleast Eatwood and Wild at Heart, Erik knows as no other how to manipulate the synths to create his own personal and organically grown dream pop. For this new track we get gently drawn into a more down tempo slow pulsing world of survival and trying to get on with your life. With its hypnotizing rhythm the song becomes almost like a soundtrack or a voice-over passing by images of broken-up lovers and their memories of a happier past.

The new EP will be launched on May 20th on Hybris. For now, you can follow him over Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.