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Hello, hello, happy official Tuesday! Today, I’d like to share a cool tune I picked up last week. So downtempo electronic music is something I like a lot. And with this new single by The Swoons, there’s much to like about it.

So The Swoons are a pop-electronic duo from London and Toronto. Currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston (yay! That’s where I’m at!), the duo’s new track, “Sabre” is a collaborative effort with LA producer Deafkulture.

With new single “Sabre”, The Swoons continue to venture into the world of mellow dance-pop music.

“Sabre” stands out to me in particular because the production alternates so cleanly with the vocals. Sometimes these electronic pop tracks put too much emphasis on fancy-dancy production and the lyrical content is lost in the mix, with vocals acting as an additional “supporting” type of instrument along with the synths and kicks.

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However, “Sabre” puts an emphasis on having the vocals stand out, and the lyrics (which you can read in the SoundCloud description) are also nicely poetic in a way. The production on “Sabre” blends together both organic and electronic elements, with the most poignant sounds being a warped high-pitched synth highlighting the chorus and percussive elements such as snaps and snare accompanying. Overall, “Sabre” is ripe with nostalgic, dancelike feels– sort of like one of those cool nocturnal tracks you’d hear at a festival after the sun has gone down.

Random aside: when I was stalking The Swoons to write up this post, I found this video on their Facebook. Umm… highkey amazing piano cover? I guess Tony must have put in that gorgeous opening piano accompaniment sequence at the beginning of “Sabre” then.

“Sabre” is part of a release under independent Label ‘Rudeboy Music’ based in New York City. Other upcoming news about The Swoons is that they’re planning to release an EP in the fall with collaborator-mentor Deafkulture.

“Sabre” is now available via iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify

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