The Trp takes you on a Trip of Seduction and Soul with “Beth”

With R&B surfacing as a trending genre, the artists that are emerging with it are innovating that genre in its entirety. The Trp is one of those innovators.

The creators are an unknown trio from New York. Their anonymity is in their own words, “making musics for kids in inter-dimensional travel.”

“Beth,” being their latest release, is a sensual and pleasurable track. It reminds me of sweet, sweet syrup; soulfully dripping down a stack of pancakes. The beat in the track is effortless, and stretched out throughout its entirety. Referencing the syrup metaphor, it does feel almost as if it were cascading through in slow motion. The Trp vocals embody R&B and they’re complimented by the fluidity and the slowness they’ve placed. It’s that sweet, love music that just screams seduction and soul.

Their upcoming EP is set to drop soon, but now, we wait for either what they’ve said is their pursuit of “universal domination” or their latest music. Whichever comes first. You can follow The Trp over Instagram and Soundcloud and listen to the audio below.

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