Vanessa Elisha – Out Of Time

In November, we were presenting you singer-songwriter Vanessa Elisha and her amazing track chill-trap R&B song “Out Of Time“, produced by XXYYXX. Now, there is a video to go with it!

In the video, which was premiered by Bullet Magazine, the singer is a prisoner in a cage made of glass and some subtle light fluctuations are drawing grid patterns on her body, all in a muffled and foggy atmosphere.

In a small interview, the artist wrote us about the video: “The director of the “Out of Time” video is a good friend, Matt Earl. He conceptualized the visual and then I added touches, he really had a vision for the colours and the mood and I definitely felt attached to that. The idea was really to encapsulate the anxiousness of the lyrics. Feeling utterly trapped in your emotions, knowing that the person you love most is about to be absent in your life. It’s the loss of the physical person and loss of control and the loneliness that swallows you after they leave. That’s I guess what the box represents, it is the literalization of anxiety, or at least, that is how I envision it. I really love that everyone can have they’re own interpretation of the song and the video”.

2016 will be a big year for the future R&B artist as she will release her first proper EP. Are you also excited?

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